used booksJames Patterson Defends Collaborative Writing (GalleyCat)
Patterson’s success stems from publishing numerous bestsellers a year with the help of a team of writers, a practice that he has been criticized for as focusing on quantity versus quality.

E-Readers vs. Book Books: A Book Lover Weighs the Pros and Cons (Apartment Therapy)
One year in, I’ve reached a verdict in the case of e-books vs. book books. Before I share it, though, let’s take a look at the arguments for each side from my (admittedly biased) perspective.

On Selling Used Books on Amazon for a Penny (Ink, Bits & Pixels)
I was surprised to learn that the reuse/recycle operations had grown that large and that organized.

Twitter Advice for Indie Authors (GoodeReader)
Indie authors often make the cardinal sin of promoting their latest book and nothing else.

Kindle Daily Deals: Novels by Mary Kay Andrews (and others)

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