color e-inkThe once-bright future of color e-paper (Engadget)
Still, even those predictions fall flat sometimes, and it can burn to look back at the track record of a horse we once bet on. For this editor, that stallion was known as color e-paper, a series of dimly hued electronic-paper technologies that teased a future of low-power gadgets with beautiful, sunlight-readable matte displays.

We’ve hit the peak of ‘free’ on the Internet. It’s time to pay up (Mashable)
Yet the Internet won’t survive until people start paying for the things they find on it, which cost money to produce and distribute. This is a particularly painful reality for media companies, who debate paywalls with the intensity of medieval bishops parsing scripture. Entertainment Weekly will soon be putting up a paywall, as will various other Time Inc. properties, according to a report that emerged on Friday.

Salon Thinks Indie Bookstores Are Only Surviving on the Goodwill of Celebrity Authors (Ink, Bits & Pixels) was once the chef proponent of the “Amazon kills indie bookstores” meme, but once it was clear that indies were thriving in spite of everything the retailer can throw at them Salon had to look for a new way to proclaim that indies are still doomed.

And on Friday they found it: celebrity authors.

Mistake One (
But in a brief period of questionable judgment yesterday, I impulse-bought the new MacBook, which I call the MacBook One.

Kindle Daily Deals: Lady of the English (and others)


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