netflixResponding to DVD Subscription Decline, Netflix Closes Call Centre (GigaOM)
Remember those red envelopes? Fewer and fewer people use Netflix to get DVDs, which is why the company is now closing a call center in Oregon.

Kobo Releases Massive Update to Current Generation of eReaders (GoodeReader)
It includes a bevy of enhancements, such as the ability to turn off the X-Ray inspired Beyond the Book.

More Advice to Authors United (JA Konrath)
I know it has only been three days, but why hasn’t Authors United announced its next move? I’m just one man, and I can compose and post a blog response within a few hours of breaking news. Certainly all of those prize-winning, bestselling authors that comprise Authors United could make some public statement. It’s not like they’re unable to get media attention.

Self-Publishing is Basically the YouTube of Literature (Lit Reactor)
Funny how YouTube and self-publishing have those Cinderella stories in common. Also funny how people think they can so easily replicate the success.

Kindle Daily Deal: The Disposables (and others)

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