can you use electronic devices on airplanesThe Flight Attendants Union Wants You to Put Away Your eReader on Takeoff (The Digital Reader)
The WSJ reported on Friday that the AFA-CWA thinks you’re not paying enough attention during the safety briefings.

Why Your Privacy Matters, Even If You’re Not “Doing Anything Wrong” (Lifehacker)
Glenn Greenwald—one of the first reporters to write about Edward Snowden’s release of classified files—explains in this TED Talk why privacy is important, regardless of whether you do anything wrong or not.

Canadian Authors Hit by Hachette-Amazon War (PW)
Canadian authors are among the many affected by the protracted fight between Amazon and Hachette, but north of the border they feel the impact in some distinct ways.

Journalism’s Biggest Competitors Are Things That Don’t Even Look Like Journalism (GigaOM)
As journalist/programmer Stijn Debrouwere has argued in a persuasive essay about the challenges facing the news business, journalism isn’t being disrupted just by different forms of journalism — it’s being disrupted by things that don’t even look like journalism.

Kindle Daily Deal: The Adventures of Henry Thoreau (and others)


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