kindleEllora’s Cave vs Dear Author Suit Removed to Federal Court (The Passive Voice)
Dear Author has just removed the case from the Ohio state court where it was originally filed to the relevant U.S. District Court in Ohio claiming diversity jurisdiction is present in the case.

How Piracy Benefits Companies, Even if They Don’t Admit it (Lifehacker)
We’ve talked a lot about the legality of piracy a lot here at Lifehacker, but really, you’re probably breaking the law everyday anyway. However, piracy can sometimes have its benefits. Even to the companies who own the copyrights.

Ten Things I’ve Learned About Life from Blogging (Design Sponge)
The blogging generation often gets a bad rap for being too focused on trends and topics that lack substance and depth, but I’ve found that the moments I’ve spent with my online colleagues over the past year have proved to be some of the most meaningful and real.

Kindle Basic 2013 vs Kindle Basic Touch 2014 (GoodeReader)
Welcome to another Good e-Reader Comparison Video! Today we do a side by side comparison with the Kindle Basic 2013 edition with D-PAD and the enhanced 2014 model with a touchscreen.

Kindle Daily Deal: Under the Skin (and others)

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