drm-freeApple Won’t Let EFF Release a DRM-Free App (Boing Boing)
EFF has released its mobile app to help people join in important, timely struggles, but you can’t get it for your Iphone or Ipad, because Apple insists that EFF use DRM, and this is contrary to everything it stands for.

Should Authors and Publishers Spy on Readers? (Digital Book World)
Okay—that title is slightly provocative. But it’s not an unreasonable question to ask.

Apple Raises Minimum App Prices in Europe, UK and Canada (GigaOM)
As Apple promised earlier this week, minimum prices in the iOS app store have increased in Canada, the U.K. and European countries that use the euro.

Kindle Unlimited Proves Unpopular for Indie Authors (Indie Reader)
In his retrospective, hybrid author and indie superstar Hugh Howey called 2014 the “the year the stigma of self-publishing died.

Kindle Daily Deal: The Memory of Love (and others)


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