cell phone privacyFour Digital Publishing Questions for Mary Ann Naples (Digital Book World)
2015 will be the year of the customer for publishers. From every corner of the business, we are seeing experiments on how to best connect with customers gathering steam, if not much actual revenue yet.There is a growing sense that publishers need to delight customers–whether by creating a pop-up shop, a hotline or a good old-fashioned community experience on a new social media platform.

FBI Asserts Right to Monitor Cell Phones Without a Warrant (Boing Boing)
The Obama administration has already let people know they have “no reasonable expectation of privacy” when they use their cell phones…

One Man’s Epic Quest to Find First Editions on a Budget (Book Riot)
My addiction is to first editions. I rarely buy a book that doesn’t have those two magical words or (depending on the publisher) the proper number sequence on the copyright page. However, I am not a millionaire.

Netflix Exec: Company Hasn’t Changed Policy on Blocking VPN Users (GigaOM)
Netflix isn’t cracking down on foreign users utilizing VPNs to access the company’s streaming service, or at least not more than it has always done, according to Netflix’s Chief  Product Officer Neil Hunt.

Kindle Daily Deal: Over 30 Mystery & Thrillers (and others)

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