ebook codePublishers Finally Taking the Reins on Web Marketing (Digital Book World)
I’ve noticed that for the first time there is nearly universal agreement on the following five things…

Cheerios Box Prize: An eBook Code (GalleyCat)
General Mills is bringing the cereal box prize into the 21st century by giving away eBooks through breakfast cereal packaging.

Goodreads Now Filling Your Update Feed With Spam, Er “Sponsored Posts” (Ink, Bits & Pixels)
When Goodreads restructured their social network late last month I predicted that they would shortly use author pages for marketing purposes, and now it looks like I was about half right.

Tory Chairman Accused of Smearing Party Rivals’ Wikipedia Entries (Boing Boing)
Wikipedia editors say there’s evidence that the account is “a sockpuppet of Grant Shapps’ previous accounts on Wikipedia.

Kindle Daily Deal: The Translator (and others)


  1. On Goodreads spam:

    They are rather hit and miss on recommendations. Miss more than hit actually. I can foresee giving up on the site if they send bad spam too often.

    I think ads and marketing are perhaps one of the great unnecessities of the modern era. Between reviews at NYT, Washington Post, and NPR I’m discovering more books than I can read. Throw in the uoccasional other sources, sending me spam about a book and having me buy and read it are long odds.

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