apple musicApple Music First Look: Rich, Robust — But Confusing (re/code)
I’ve been testing Apple Music on an iPhone 6 Plus, loaned to me by Apple for about a day. Because of the short testing time, this isn’t a full-on review but a first look. I set out to gather some initial impressions of how it feels to use the product. And to answer the question: Would I pay $10 a month — $120 a year — to use it?

TeleRead Take: It seemed like half my feed today was “Apple Music this” and “Apple Music that.” This was a good article asking the right questions and looking at it from a consumer-focused angle.

Kickstarter Still Setting Records Despite Everyone Wanting Everything For Free (Techdirt)
What’s remarkable about Kickstarter is that it’s over half a decade old and, despite some still embracing the old myths, it’s somehow still setting records in raising money for content producers.

TeleRead Take: I think we’re only going to see more crowdfunding because it gives people a chance to be involved with something they are interested in or passionate about. It just makes sense.

AppleCare Now Covers Worn-Out Batteries (Gizmodo)
Built-in batteries mean a built-in expiry date for gadgets: lithium-ion batteries slowly lose their ability to hold charge over time, eventually dying an ignominious death, and rendering your expensive gizmo useless — unless, that is, you’ve got AppleCare.

TeleRead Take: Reduced battery life is the main reason I replace my phones. I don’t think iPhones are covered under this, but boy, if they were…

Multi-touch iBooks on the iPhone: Like a PDF, Only From Apple (Ink, Bits & Pixels)
Pundits have been hoping for a couple years now that Apple would give the iPhone support for ebooks made with iBooks Author, and now that it has arrived I do not think it lives up to the anticipation.

TeleRead Take: Although many will disagree with me, I’m not a fan of fixed ebook layout, so I’m not surprised this round is underwhelming.

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