kindle unlimitedeBook Subscription Services Are Legal in France (Ink, Bits & Pixels)
Kindle Unlimited and its local competitors Izneo, Youscribe, and Youboox were given five months to bring their services into compliance with the legal decision. I don’t have news yet on Kindle Unlimited but I can report that Youboox, Izneo, and Youscribe are either now legal in France, or will be soon.

TeleRead Take: Fixed price book laws lead to lots of unintended consequences.

How A Simple Metadata Fix Can Double Book Sales (Publishing Perspective)
Ronald Schild CEO of Germany’s MVB discusses how research shows simple metadata fixes, like putting the language of a book in your metadata, can double sales.

TeleRead Take: I can see why this would work for foreign language books, but I wish they had said if it worked for English as well.

Designer Knockoff Enthusiast Issues DMCA Notice Targeting Half The Internet, Fails To Remove A Single URL (Techdirt)
Eva Knox runs a site dedicated to the discussion of knockoff designer goods. This is probably not the best launching pad for infringement accusations, but whatever. Knox is a very prolific issuer of DMCA takedown notices. She issued 276 notices over a two-week period in May, targeting (used only in the vaguest sense) over 8,500 URLs.

TeleRead Take: “Half the Internet” was a a massive exaggeration, but the article is worth reading as an example of yet another person who doesn’t seem to understand how the Internet works.

No, It’s Samsung, Not Swiftkey, That Is To Blame For This Keyboard Security Scare (Tech Crunch)
The media is blowing up right now at a startup called Swiftkey which was named in an announcement at a Black Hat conference about a bug in most Samsung smartphones that could allow hackers to attack the phone and spy on users.

TeleRead Take: The part I found most interesting was the bit on why this is (yet another) reason it’s a bad idea for third party apps to be pre-installed to a device.

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