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So far this series has exclusively covered periodicals on tablets. But what if you have an e-reader? Yes, magazines and other periodicals are available for your devices as well.

Of course, if you have a tablet-style device (Kindle Fire, Nook tablet line, etc.), you have access to a wide selection of magazines, similar to what you can access in the apps I’ve discussed earlier.

However, there are even magazines and newspapers for E Ink devices. A quick browse of the Kindle Store, the Nook store and the Sony Reader store found many options. Obviously many publications formatted for E Ink readers will be lacking some of the images or video content found in the tablet versions, but you’ll get most, if not all, of the article text.

Kindle users have an additional option: Kindle blogs. Most Kindle blogs are RSS feeds compiled and sent to Kindles on some sort of schedule (often daily or a few times a day). A few are free. Most cost between $0.99 and and a few dollars a month. I used to subscribe to the New York Times blog ($1.99/month) until I realized it was the same content I could get for free on Flipboard. But even at $1.99 a month, it was a great price for 10-15 articles a day.

Kindle Blogs are a mixed bag. Some are good. Some are … well, you can judge I Love Vampire Novels and the like for yourself. I’d highly suggest checking reviews, but all the blogs come with a 14-day free trial, so you’ve got plenty of time to decide if one’s good or not.

Finally, if you’re more of a DIYer, you can set up Calibre to automatically download news content and send to your reader. I covered how to do this in my recent series of Calibre articles.

* * *

Next up: The final post in the Mobile Magazines series, most likely. It’ll be an interview with Bert Kok of imgZine, a white-label version of Flipboard, and a company that’s doing some interesting things with custom content for corporations.


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