Haven’t had a chance to try this out yet, but it looks really interesting.  If anyone uses it please let us know how it works.  Here’s the press release:

Montreal (Canada), March 23, 2011 — The Memidex free online dictionary and thesaurus ( announces the release of the Internet’s first combined index of external definitions, audio, and etymology. Memidex now has over 12.5 million detailed references making it a useful and unique English language reference tool for students, teachers, researchers, professional writers, and casual browsers alike.

Memidex external references currently include over 5.4 million definition references, 5.3 million audio references, and 1.8 million etymology references. Each reference has a title, a list of any other associated terms, an excerpt or description of the resource, a link to the actual web page, and a link to cite that specific resource in various established bibliographic styles. The references are from over a dozen leading online reference sources.

Each audio reference has a button to play the audio directly from the Memidex web page. You have unlimited playback for audio from open-license sources such as Wikipedia and Wiktionary, and one playback per session for copyright-protected sources. Most of the audio is for pronunciation while other audio demonstrates or describes the associated term.

Depending on browser support and the format of a given audio, Memidex playback automatically detects and uses HTML5, Flash, QuickTime, Java, Silverlight, or other plug-ins. Because of this adaptive playback and other accessibility features, Memidex pages are sometimes the only online way to play certain audio with some devices. For example, iPhones and iPads support HTML5 but not Flash while many websites haven’t yet implemented HTML5 support.

With its millions of reference links along with other features such as auto-suggest, adult-filtering, mobile support, and free tools, Memidex is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get and compare online definitions, synonyms, etymology, and audio pronunciation.


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