155752-nook-kids-book-on-nookcolor_original.jpgMacWorld has a positive review of the NookColor today. One of the major uses for such a device will be, I think, children’s books, so here is the section of the review discussing that:

With over 130 picture books, and double that number planned by the end of 2010, Barnes & Noble launches NookColor with an engaging, albeit proprietary, approach to storytelling for children.

A kid’s book on the NookColor.Picture books automatically launch in landscape mode. Swipe left to right or tap on the edge of the screen to change pages. And to enlarge the text so it’s more readable, just tap a paragraph to call up an enlarged popover text box.

Some books have a “read to me” option. No computerized voices here; rather, it’s much like an audio book, just one that’s reading the content aloud as you move through each page. Titles that have the read to me option also let you pick a passage of text and play just that passage to hear the words.

In addition to the picture books, the company also has some 12,000 children’s “chapter” books. So far, there’s no “Little House on the Prairie,” but there’s plenty of other kid-friendly titles on-hand.


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