The Lovecraft eZine is one of the best-known and most esteemed destinations on the internet for all things H.P. Lovecraft, with a reputation, under the guiding hand of Mike Davis, as a venue for seriously strong Lovecraftian and dark/weird fiction. Each issue is available as a Kindle/Nook and a print edition, an audio version, and as a free-to-read online copy. And now it’s branching out into actual book production.

“I’m now publishing Lovecraftian and Weird Fiction books, in addition to the magazine,” Mike Davis explains. “If you’re a Weird Fiction, Lovecraftian, and/or cosmic horror writer, and you’re working on a novel, novella, or collection, consider sending it my way. The Lovecraft eZine has a wide reach — at the time of this writing, it has over 175,000 followers.”

That big audience in itself ought to be enough to justify budding Lovecraftian authors to turn its way. Even more important ought to  be the fact that that audience has been built up mostly through the sheer quality of the content. The new imprint already has several projects under way, including some quality reprints, but is opening its doors for more.

“I’m focused on quality, not quantity, and I move slowly, for more than one reason. But I love Weird Fiction and Lovecraftian fiction, and I want to help talented writers to get their work out there in front of readers,” Davis continues. “There are some wonderful small press publishers in this genre, and my desire is not to compete with them. I simply want to provide another outlet for Weird Fiction and Lovecraftian writers.”

Writers of that ilk, you really don’t need any further recommendation. Run, hop. slither, crawl, transdimensionally relocate, or flap on leathery membranous wings to the link. You know it makes (insane) sense.


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