Got this email from Len.  Haven’t had time to listen to the interview, but I certainly will during the week:

Paul, I had an informative interview with Tanenhaus about how he sees the e-book revolution from his vantage point as editor of the New York Times Book Review.  The interview is about a half an hour, in the latest episode of The Kindle Chronicles, released last night. I interviewed him on 4/15 by Skype and phone.

It turns out he’s been reading on a Kindle for two years, mainly for books he uses in researching his own books, because he values the notes and highlights capability.  He sees the power of Kindle Singles to give a new and profitable outlet to long-form journalism and said Amazon approached him to create a Kindle Singles version of an article he’d written last year about Sarah Palin, but he didn’t have time for the project and turned it down.  He says the Book Review has not yet reviewed a book available only in e-book form, but he’s sure it will happen some day and they have no rule against it.  He also spoke about general book-review topics, including his personal commitment not to give a humiliating review to the first book of a promising new writer.

Anyway, I thought you might be interested in it.

Best, Len


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