They give the tablet 2 1/2 stars out  of five.  On the social features of the Vox the reviewer says:

Kobo believes that social and gaming integration give the Vox an edge. Unfortunately, this experience falls a bit flat and feels unnatural and awkward.

Kobo brings gamification to the reading experience with a native app called Reading Life. This app shows reading statistics, such as total time read, the current book reading time and pages read, as well as various numbers analyzing reading speed by page and reading session. These numbers are interesting to look at and explore, but don’t really provide much value beyond that.

Similar to popular services like Foursquare, Reading Life introduces badges, which are unlocked by performing tasks such as highlighting text in a book, adding a note or sharing what you’re reading.

The Vox also allows readers to connect to the Kobo community directly through any book they’re reading by tapping on the page number at the bottom of the screen. This brings up a community page specific for each book which shows statistics, such as how many times said book has been read, number of comments, likes, a list of other Vox users reading the book at the same time as you and a feed for users to talk about the book.

Fostering this type of community has the potential to be an engaging feature, especially when reading the hot book-of-the-moment. However, a worry about spoilers (despite rules against posting spoilers) might hold a user back from taking full advantage of these features while in the middle of a book.

Lots more detail in the review.


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