From the press release:

Kobo, a global leader in eReading with over 3.5 million readers worldwide, announced today new enhancements to its industry-leading eReading apps for iOS devices.  These enhancements include extending Reading Life to Twitter, enabling users to share quotes, passages, notes, book covers and awards easily to their twitter feed.

The launch of Kobo’s Reading Life marked the industry’s first comprehensive social eReading experience.  Nearly all of Kobo’s iPad and iPhone users have started using Reading Life and to date, nearly 5 million awards have been collected by loyal readers everywhere.   Kobo has also seen a dramatic increase – over 50% – in users’ reading time since the launch of Reading Life in December.  Kobo plans to roll out new innovative features for Reading Life and bring the program to new partners, platforms and languages throughout 2011.

Kobo users have achieved impressive milestones in the short time of Reading Life’s existence, including the Juggernaut award – awarded to thousands of users who have read over 10,000 pages in a few short months.  Users of Reading Life are social butterflies – 98% of Kobo app users access Reading Life on a regular basis and over 90% of users who have connected Reading Life to Facebook share regularly.  “Reading Life is helping us bring the culture of books – beyond just buying and reading – to eBooks.  Our customers have responded with amazing engagement, but also a substantial increase in time spent reading.   Bringing Twitter to Reading Life will enable our customers to reach out to friends in real-time, enabling new opportunities for conversation and discovery,” said Michael Serbinis, CEO, Kobo, Inc.

This latest release includes the following features:

· Easily share the Reading Life Mosaic via Twitter with followers

· Share your latest read with followers

· Share your favorite quotes and passages, notes and thoughts with followers

· Easily Share Awards – just for time spent reading

· View awards friends have earned by tapping on the shared award from the Activity feed on iPhone or iPad

· Chat with friends about great new reads

· Purchase or start reading books recommended by friends simply by tapping on the shared book cover from the Activity feed

· Organize your growing library by creating and personalizing shelves of books, newspapers, magazines and documents – to your taste


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