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With a revolutionary new touch screen experience, Kobo makes eReading easier than ever andmakes it even more accessible to people around the world. Created for readers by readers, the beautiful new design provides the ultimate in reading comfort and is the most portable eReader– thin and light, it travels easily anywhere.

Kobo has a catalog of over 2.3 million books, newspapers and magazines and over 3.6 million users worldwide. A reading lover’s dream, the new device boasts storage of up to 30,000 books with expandable memory.

With FREE eReading apps – Read eBooks on just about any device – smart phones, tablets, computers, eReaders, and more.

From more information on Kobo, please visit Watch the Kobo eReader TouchEdition Demo at


  1. Sounds great. BTW, I can’t authorize with Twitter with your new comment system on my iPad. After logging into Twitter, it never passes authorization back to teleread. Instead it gets stuck on the “close this window” page. Just FYI

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