kno We’ve previously mentioned startup Kno’s plans to create a dual 14”-screened tablet device for viewing college textbooks in their original page size. However, now Kno has also announced plans for a less-expensive single-screened 14” slate.

Like the double-screened model, the Kno tablet will be powered by a nVidia Tegra processor. It will have a touchscreen and a stylus for notetaking. Both the dual- and single-screen tablets are expected to ship by the end of the year. Kno has not announced pricing, save to say that the tablet will be “absolutely cheaper than the dual screen version,” and the dual-screen version will cost “under a $1000” (sic).

While I can see the value of a larger display size for a larger textbook page, using even a single 14” screen is going to be like holding half a laptop. Given how many people complain about the weight and unwieldiness of a 10” iPad, how is a 14” tablet going to be any more easily usable?


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