images.jpegThat’s the title of an article in Tampa Bay Online about Clearwater High School and the first month of its move to give all its 2,100 students Kindles. It’s a fascinating read and it looks as if the Kindles are a great success.

Some highlights:

Students are using the “My Clippings” feature to take notes in class (I guess this is pretty easy for teens used to texting on even smaller platforms)
They use Google search
Students seem to use the machine as a “mini-computer”
So much data was being downloaded that they crashed the system and prompted calls from AT&T
The English and math textbooks are on the Kindle, along with some novels and the Tampa Tribune
The devices cost $177
Taking care of the machines can be a problem
The machines are immensely popular with the students

There’s a lot of stuff in the article and I must admit I was surprised at how useful the machines have become.

Thanks to Frank Sleightholme for the link.


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