A Kindle World Blog has a post on this, along with some other interesting stuff, such as Oscar apps:

In the meantime, I’ve been spending more time with the Kindle Touch (photo from because I finally went back to reading the Steve Jobs book by Isaacson, and there are SO MANY characters whose function and place I don’t remember the 2nd or 3rd time I run across them, that I’ve been using the X-Ray feature more and really enjoying it for a book like this.  I took screenshots but will add them later as am rushed right now.

But, essentially, for a guy like Andy Hertzfeld, say, who was a member of the Macintosh team in the 80s, I can:

. click on the top center of the page to get the Menu and options and choose “X-Ray” at the bottom-right to see a list of all names mentioned on that page and then click on his name to get a Wikipedia summary on him  (with a link to the full article) and, below that, a scrolling list of each mention of Hertzfeld in that book, in page/location order, with surrounding words for context and a link to each of those pages.

I saw that although he was doing intense work for Jobs in late 1979 to March 1984 and remained close to him after leaving, the Wiki summary tells what he’s done since then, and the last part reads:

“Hertzfeld joined Google in 2005, and in 2011 was the key designer of the Circles user interface in Google+.”

Google Plus and its Circles are something new in the last year, and many of us find ourselves using them this last year, so he is still very much in the zone.

I do like the X-Ray feature for non-fiction especially.

[Via A Kindle World Blog]


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