Do you like to “buy” lots of free books, but you don’t want them all downloaded to your Kindle? Not a problem. Try this.

1. Install Kindle for PC (or Mac) on your computer.
2. When you “buy” a free book, have it sent to your Kindle desktop app instead of your Kindle
3. Select a Collection category for your new book

You can import all your collections from your Kindle, just like in the screenshot below, so you won’t lose any of your organization. 

When you’re ready for a new book, browse your collections on your computer, select a new book and go to the “Manage Your Kindle” page on Amazon to send the selected book to your Kindle.



This way it’s easy to organize all your free books without taking up lots of space on your Kindle.


  1. Also, I believe you could just search (by author or title) in your ‘archived items’ on your (intended target) kindle (archive can be selected from main menu, or simply found on the last page of home page(s) content which can be reached quickly by tapping in that last page number, shown on the home page at the bottom left (right?), and then clicking–at least this works on the keyboard kindle and may have a paperwhite version as well), then, on chosen selection in the archive, tap/click for download to Home page (may need to move left or right arrow key to find that option) …

  2. Another approach is to use the free, open source, ebook database program called Calibre. In addition to storing non-DRM ebook files (mobi, ePub, etc), Calibre will store “empty” ebooks. These are database entries without an actual ebook — just the metadata. This is perfect for free (or any) Amazon ebooks because you can sort your books by Title, author, genre, and a dozen other fields. Calibre has a “Download Metadata” button that will capture all the book’s details automatically from the Amazon website (and other places). Even the book’s cover is stored in Calibre and displayed with the metadata. If you store actual Kindle format ebooks in Calibre (like mobi) Calibre will transfer the ebook to your Kindle when you connect the Kindle to your computer. Calibre runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Calibre is widely used. The website is

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