kindleupdateshot2aA new Kindle hardware update, v5.7.2, adds the Open Dyslexic font and other features listed below.

You’ll enjoy an improved home screen, for example, and speedier access to certain settings, including the one turning off your WiFi to save power. Sharing book quotes with friends is also easier.

But, stubbornly, mysteriously, Amazon refuses to offer all-text bolding capability despite the millions of Kindle users who could benefit from more perceived-contrast between the screen and the text. Look, I’ve been writing about Kindle contrast issues all the way back to 2009 or before. I encourage fellow sufferers to e-mail

More positively, the update also include a number of other features such as a “Personalized Home Screen.” Benefiting from the update will be the bottom-of-the-line Kindle, the two newest Paperwhites and the deluxe Voyage.

If you don’t want to wait for the changes to reach you later this month via WiFi, you can update manually by first going to the Kindle and Fire update page. Then identify the exact model you own, go to its upgrade page (newest Paperwhite here), then follow instructions for the actual update procedure (newest Paperwhite here).

Among the features added:

Personalized Home Screen

Your most recent books are featured in the upper left of your Home screen. Tap on My Library to view all your Kindle e-books.

View the books downloaded on your device by tapping “Downloaded”, or see all your e-books (including the ones in the Cloud) by tapping on “All”.

A new section called “My Reading Lists”–found in the upper right hand on your Home screen–shows the books on your Amazon Wish List and any samples you’ve downloaded. If you’re a Goodreads member, it will also include books on your Goodreads Want to Read shelf.

Learn more about Goodreads.

The bottom of your Home screen rotates to show you personalized book recommendations, books your Goodreads friends are reading, best-selling titles, and more. The list of recommendations changes every time you resume your Kindle from sleep mode, so you’ll always have new books right at your fingertips.

Easily Access Popular Settings

Our readers’ most-used settings–like airplane mode and device sync–can now be found together with just one tap of your toolbar.

Get Book Recommendations

With your input, we’ll provide a list of recommended titles to help you discover more books you’ll love.

First, tell us your favorite genres. Then rate a few books in the genres you selected. After hitting “next” at the bottom of that screen, you’ll receive a list of personalized recommendations. See a book you might like? Start reading the free sample, or add it to your Goodreads Want to Read shelf.

Sharing Made Easy

Share your favorite book or quote with friends and family via Facebook and Twitter. With one tap, they’ll be able to instantly read a free preview of the book–right from the web browser on their phone, tablet, or PC–even if they’ve never used Kindle before. No download, sign up, or sign in required.

Detail: No, the upgrade doesn’t give E Ink Kindles a color screen. The orange in the screen shot from Amazon simply highlights the “My Reading Lists” feature.


  1. But, stubbornly, mysteriously, Amazon refuses to offer all-text bolding capability despite the millions of Kindle users who could benefit from more perceived-contrast between the screen and the text.

    I used the Helvetica font on my Kindle, because the letters were simpler in design but mainly because the letters were thicker/bolder than other fonts, The update still has Helvetica, but with thinner, less bold letters. Had I known that before the update, I would never have updated. How can I undo the update?

    Coincidentally, the B&N Glowlight Plus had a thinner Helvetica font than the B&N Simple Touch. That was the main reason for my returning the Glowlight Plus.
    Dear Amazon: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  2. Reader is right. I manually updated my Voyage last night and noticed that Helvetica was lest bold than before…no imagination issues.
    One of the main reasons I did use Helvetica was that it was somewhat bolder(not enough but better than other Kindle fonts). I want bold font options.
    The point David makes is correct…Email Jeff Bezos! I buy this Amazon product and have expectations of it!
    It’s an easy fix.
    Complaining in this forum does not get things done…contacting Jeff Bezos and the Amazon Kindle Team directly may. If this is important to you contact Jeff Bezos and the Kindle Team. It is important to me and I will contact Jeff Bezos today…

  3. My first thought was to wonder why my Voyage screen isn’t as sharp and clear as those pics posted at Amazon. 😉 I don’t use Goodreads, nor do I care to do so. I simply want to read. I find the whole thing too busy and ugly for my little Kindle screen. I am totally unimpressed.

  4. I updated my Kindle last night. Nothing to write home about. I use a list view – no covers – so don’t have the new home page. While I probably would not use an all bold font, I can understand that some people want it, and it should be an easy fix. What torques me are books formatted for ragged right, wide margins, or block style paragraphs – also probably an easy fix.

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