After several days of seeing ebookseller apps undergoing store-ectomies, pretty much all that was left as of this morning was Amazon’s Kindle app and Barnes & Noble’s Nook app. Now Amazon has released an update that removes its own store link. But this side-step of Apple’s money grab comes with good news, too: as with the Android version of Kindle, you can now access around 100 Kindle magazine and newspaper subscriptions via the iOS app.

Of the major ebooksellers, it appears Nook is the last app standing. Will it release a trimmed-down app in the coming hours? (I should note that the real agent behind the release schedule is likely Apple’s own approval team—it’s quite possible the updated Nook app is already in the pipeline.)


  1. Not seeing a purchased issue of NYTimes in my Archived Items (wanted to see how the paper looked). Anyone else successfully get newspapers onto their iPad? (I’ve updated this morning and purchased a single issue).

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