I’m re-posting this original assessment (Sept. 19) of Kindle 3 software update version 3.0.2 that was first put on the Amazon servers as an early-preview Beta on Sept. 18, as it did resolve early problems that some Kindle 3 owners had.  The original title was Kindle 3 software preview release v3.0.2 improves performance.  Collections.

To download the official release, if you’d rather not wait for it to come over Whispernet, see the instructions originally pointed to and described at the time of the software update announcement if you have a Kindle 3 and want to install it yourself.

The early preview release of software update v3.0.2 for Kindle-3 models has worked well for almost everyone reporting in, with regard to page-turn slowdowns outdoors, and there are also reports that the web browser is also faster and quite a bit smoother.  Others mention improved battery performance as well.  The Kindle software engineers have been very responsive and effective, and definitely the Kindle customer support team too.

See the Amazon Kindle Community message thread for the feedback so far.  I noticed one person was still seeing a 1-second page turn, which seems slow to her.  I haven’t tried it yet since I’ve been happy with mine, but I imagine this update will be official by Monday or Tuesday (this is just my conjecture). Laura wrote the following to this blog’s comment area as well today:

‘ It appears 3.0.2 fixes issues with slow page turns with kindle’s exposed to direct sunlight.  I had this issue, the turns were slow enough that you could read the first line of text in negative image before it completed.  I had this issue before and after 3.0.1.

After the update so far, this appears to be fixed.  I never thought this would be fixed with a software update, so I am very happy! ‘

See Saturday’s software update announcement for instructions on how to get software update v3.0.2 if you have a Kindle 3 and want to try it out or take earlier advantage of the improvements.

Via Andrys Basten’s A Kindle World blog


  1. I just bought my Kindle today at Target (Where I work.) I have read a bazillion reviews and had just about decided on the nook, but using my employee discount, I changed my mind at the last minute. I have been setting it up this afternoon and the last thing I did was to download v3.03. I am happy to say everything went very well. I have downloaded several samples and am impressed.

    I have surgery coming up on Nov 15 and wanted a reader to use while I was laid up. At this point, I am quite happy with my decision and with my Kindle 3 G/Wi-fi.

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