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Who would have thought!  The above is the title of an article in The Guardian:

Research by US book industry magazine Publishers Weekly puts Kickstarter – which is set to launch in the UK later this year – in fourth place in a ranking of the US’s top five graphic novel publishers over the three-month period from February to April. Seven of the site’s graphic novel projects raised more than $40,000 (£25,690) over the period, 25 of the 115 successfully funded projects earned five figures, and one – Rich Burlew’s The Order of the Stick comic – made $1,254,120. Kickstarter made $2.2m in gross revenue over the three months, Publishers Weekly estimates, behind Marvel ($6.9m), DC ($4.3m) and Image ($2.98m).

When the amount of revenue a publisher receives, rather than gross revenue, is estimated, however, Kickstarter moved up into second place, with $1.99m in revenue behind Marvel with $2.76m and ahead of DC with $1.72m. This was calculated by Publishers Weekly by multiplying publisher totals by 40% and Kickstarter’s total by 90%, as on Kickstarter, 90-92% of a pledge goes to the creator/publisher of a project, while a regular publisher will keep an estimated 40% of the list price of a book.

More details in the article.


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