We first mentioned Khan Academy in 2011. An innovative education program, it started when Salman Khan, a triple-MIT graduate with a Harvard MBA, started creating educational YouTube videos while tutoring his cousins, and found they were so popular that he began making more and more of them, on many different subjects. Khan eventually expanded this into a nonprofit with a website that incorporated exercises and gamification (the more you learn, the higher you score) to go with the YouTube videos.

In January, one of our link roundups mentioned that Khan had expanded its iPad app to incorporate all the features from its web version, including exercises. Now, Engadget reports that Khan has extended its reach again to Android with an Android application. The application does not yet incorporate the exercises that the website and the iPad app do, but given that the iPad app only just got those in January itself, I expect it will be along soon. For now, it at least provides a good way for Android users to find and watch videos on specific subjects, and track which ones they watch to improve their score on the Khan site. Both the Android and iOS apps can be found via Khan Academy’s blog.

Given agency pricing, I suspect that a lot of people involved in e-books could probably benefit from watching Khan’s video series about the demand curve—especially since he uses an e-book as his example product to demonstrate price vs. quantity demanded.

This is a really great resource for education—thousands of lectures on all different subjects, available for free, shows one of the great ways the Internet can help people who aren’t well-served by traditional schools. This should be very useful for homeschoolers, especially (of whom I have some in my family).


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