KeyportsLove Victorinox Swiss Army knives or Leatherman punches? Wish they had a few more digital options than the USB stick some occasionally come with? Keyport may have the answer for you. The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign for “two new Keyports, the Keyport Slide 3.0 and the Keyport Pivot 1.0, which represent the next generation of modular, totally customizable, everyday multi-tools.” These are key organizer multitools designed to complement your smartphone or other digital device, and hold your keys plus a slew of other customizable modules.

The Keyports are designed to come apart and slot together again with the modules of your choice. And on the tech side, there’s a new Bluetooth Keyport Locator module with LED light designed to work with the TrackR key-finding app in case you lose your treasure, and a separate LED torch module, as well as the usual USB sticks – and of course, a knife blade. Modules still under development to fit your ereader or mobile device even closer include an emergency phone charger and “charger cables for a wide range of electronic devices.” A micro USB charger compatible with the Kindle Fire should be a cinch.

Basic starter prices are $20 for the entry-level Pivot and $23 for the basic four-port Slide – though the latter has already gone, snapped up by eager Kickstarters. And according to the blurb, the company plans to deliver its first campaign rewards as early as June.

Personally I’m already eager to snare one. With 18 days to go at the time of writing, the campaign has netted $146,261 of its $100,000 target. So obviously quite a few others feel the same way. It helps that, as the blurb explains, “Keyport has already done a successful Kickstarter campaign before. The Keyport Slide 2.0 delivered within 120 days of the end of our campaign.” Sounds like the ideal way to keep both your keys and your ebook collection organized – and maybe dig stones out of horse’s hooves at the same time.


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