I’ve been getting a lot of use out of my Karma Go 4G Wi-Fi hotspot over the last couple of months. It’s rapidly become one of my favorite devices from my gadget bag. Among other things, I’ve set my smartphone to connect to it automatically and always take the Karma along with me, so that whenever I use 4G data, I use it through the hotspot rather than through the phone’s own built-in plan. This saves me a decent amount on wireless service, especially since Republic refunds me for unused data at the end of the month. $5 per gig data is a lot cheaper than $15 per gig.

If you should be thinking about getting one yourself, this is another good time. Through the end of the month, Karma is offering double data packages: buy their $99 10 GB package and get an extra 10 GB free. (Or you could buy one of their cheaper, smaller packages and have that doubled, too, but why not get the best value you can?) $5 per GB is a ridiculously good deal on 4G data, and a great way to start you off if you’re just now buying a hotspot. (And remember, you can save $10 on the cost of a $150 hotspot by using this referral link.)

I wonder if this is a thing they’re going to do at the end of every month?


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