Good news for “used digital music” reseller ReDigi: the district court judge handling the case has denied EMI’s motion for a preliminary injunction against the company, which would have shut it down during the trial. Citing the “fascinating” technological and legal issues involved, U.S. District Judge Richard Sullivan said he is inclined to let the case go to trial.

"We are grateful for the judge’s decision in our favor," said John Ossenmacher, ReDigi’s CEO, said in a statement. The company added that "ReDigi is breaking down the barriers that have kept consumers from enjoying their intrinsic and lawful ownership rights to their digital purchases."

Of course, this is only a preliminary ruling that ReDigi can keep doing its thing until the outcome of the trial. It doesn’t necessarily mean the company will come out on top. Still, it’s an interesting start to what will probably be an especially interesting legal challenge with profound implications for all forms of digital media, including e-books. I can hardly wait until the trial itself starts.


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