John Miedima is a regular contributor to TeleRead and his Slow Reading has been released as an ebook. Here’s what his blog says about it:

Ebooks get a shakedown in chapter two of Slow Reading. When it comes to reading anything of complexity or richness, I assert that “e-book readers aspire to print” and “e-books are metadata for print books”. You can read all about it in the e-book version of Slow Reading now available from Powell’s for $7.70. (The print price is too expensive at Powell’s. If you want the print edition, buy it cheaper from Litwin Books or Amazon instead.)


  1. I guess the marketing ploy of including a loud idiotic quote about the book might pay off and attract people to buy.
    It sounds like more of the same stuff we have read on Teleread links to articles elsewhere where journalists and writers expound on how special paper books are and how nothing can ever match the emotional and intellectual quality of reading on paper and how awful ebook and the ereading experience is for the poor people of the future …..

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