Here’s another roundup of some of the more interesting iPad news links I’ve noticed over the last day or so.

First of all, here’s a fairly unusual iPad review. Most of them have been either overwhelmingly positive, or negative because of the rights issues involved (i.e. Cory Doctorow’s). Here is a humorous negative review from Macworld Senior Contributor Ben Long who finds that most of what he needs to do are things the iPad does not do well—and most of what the iPad does well are things he does not need to.

The movie continued, and I was surprised at the quality of the iPad’s audio. The couch was still comfortable, my hands were still okay. And that nose was still in the video. Suddenly, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. It was incredibly well-rendered. What’s more, it looked familiar. After a moment, I realized it was my nose reflected so perfectly in the overly glossy screen that I could easily see that I was overdue for some quality time with a trimmer. I tried tilting the iPad to get rid of the nose but found only cheekbones, couch patterns, distant windows, fireplace mantelpieces. After a minute or so I realized that I had not been paying attention to the video, so distracted was I by the terrible reflection.

BusinessWeek has a “Diary of an iPad Man,” in which an iPad reviewer notices that the iPad tends to attract attention wherever he goes—even at home.

I get home, talked out and feeling like Steve Jobs’ unpaid, not to mention unwilling, salesman. My wife, who in our 25 years of marriage has seldom shown an interest in any of my tech toys, declares the iPad "sexy."

Finally, Brian X. Chen at Wired’s “Gadget Lab” blog has a roundup of 15 must-download iPad apps. I would quibble with some of his choices—in particular, he recommends Air Sharing for its ability to make the iPad act as a wifi hard drive, but GoodReader would do the same thing and work much better for reading large PDFs—but there are some interesting apps on the list. iStudiez Pro looks like it could be a great choice for students at those colleges I mentioned earlier today that are issuing iPads to their students.


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