target-ipad-09-12-2010 Could the iPad be heading to Target? Engadget thinks so, based on some product lists and employee PDA screenshots that show six mysterious unnamed items set to become available on October 3rd—items whose price points precisely match those of the three models in two networking types of first-generation iPad.

It’s fairly flimsy proof on which to base a supposition, but we’ve already seen both the Kindle and the Nook expand their retail-store availability lately. If Apple is doing the same, it would not exactly be without precedent.

It would make sense for Apple to want to get the iPad in as many stores as possible—Apple isn’t making boutique products now, but information appliances that they would like to get into the hands of every consumer. And hitting Target at the beginning of October would position it there just in time for the holiday shopping season.

We’ll just have to wait and see what Target says as it gets closer to October 3rd.


  1. Meredith Greene:

    This would be fantastic as we already shop at Target, though seeing it there is a bit surprising. Best Buy to me would be the more logical choice, being they already sell iPhone. It seems that the days of exclusive chain selling rights are indeed over.

    Hi Meredith. Best Buy has already been selling iPads for some time; we got to try them out at Best Buy while we were waiting for ours to be delivered.

  2. I think it’s credible. Apple already sells a lot of Apple branded iPod and iPod accessories and 3rd party iPad cases. iPad is the same “class” as iPod, just bigger — same system of media distribution (ie iTunes). As long as there is supply, it makes sense for Apple to carry some or all models there.

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