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Otis Chandler, CEO, Goodreads:  a way to discover books online.  9 million users and found that the data they collected is a major business all by itself.

315 million books shelved the site and growing at 17 million a month. Gives huge insight into reading behavior.  6 million books discovered (put on the “to read” shelf) per month.  Statistics show that these books have a very long tail.

People discover books mostly be search and friend updates – 28%  13% by recommendation engine.  Search drives the long tail of discovery.  Recommendation engine uses a Netflix level recommendation algorithm.  20 billion data points about books. Launched in September, 20122 and resulted in a 60% increased in books discovered in months following launch.  A taste-based algorithm.  Designed to hit a mid-list sweet spot. 

Lists and genre browsing account for 16% of discovery and focused on popular and mid-list titles.  20,000 book clubs on Goodreads.  

Business model is based around selling book launch packages to publishers.  With all their data they can do deep-targeted ads.  


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