My iPad 3 just arrived and I put it, along with my iPad 2 and Kindle Fire, under my microscope.  Here are the images.  They are :

Kindle Fire at 10X

Fire 10x

Given the thickness of the Fire, I was not able to get the microscope to focus at 60x.

iPad 2 at 10x

Ipad2 10x

iPad 3 at 10x

Ipad 3 10x





iPad 2 at 60x

Ipad 2 60x

iPad 3 at 60x

20120316 132019298

iPad 2 icon

Ipad 2 icon

iPad 3 icon

20120316 132321626



  1. Interesting that the Kindle Fire screen is obviously much worse than that of the iPad 2, much less the new iPad. You get what you pay for. For my Amazon products, I suspect I’ll be sticking with a Kindle 3 for a long time.

    You’re lucky that your iPad 3 has arrived. I just finished talking to FedEx about my delivery. They’re hoping it’ll come by 3 pm, but Apple left them so swamped with iPads, it may not come until 7:30 tonight.

    I get tired of this silly Apple theater. That iPad has spent the last week sitting in a FedEx warehouse in California. I could have gotten it on Monday. Apple might have at least spread the delivery over yesterday and today to spare those now overworked FedEx and UPS drivers.

  2. I am so glad that the new IPad(3) has come out, I had so much trouble viewing anything on my IPad2.

    Great to see the difference between the Kindle and the IPad2. I guess that most Kindle users were just ebook readers not requiring the higher definition you need for pics

  3. I went from an iPad 1 to an iPad 3. Now THERE is a difference! The speed of the new one is quite noticeable and of course the screen is beautiful. I read Kindle books on it at night so am looking forward to the improvement.

  4. @Hayden Johnstone: “I guess that most Kindle users were just ebook readers not requiring the higher definition you need for pics”

    The Kindle mentioned here is the Fire – really intended for consuming other media from Amazon, not ebooks, unlike the e-Ink based Kindles. e-Ink vs LCD is a different, subjective argument.

  5. Andy: actually the Fire is excellent for consuming ebooks, as it the iPad 2. These photos are misleading in a sense, in that the user holds the Kindle, or iPad, at a distance and so doesn’t see the detail that the photos show.

    The iPad 3 is crisp and clear, but I can easily read on the Fire for several hours without any problem at all.

  6. Great article for readers. But what does this have to do with writing? I want someone to share with me how as a writer I can use these various iPads. I need a workhorse that can handle writing, editing, and all the software I use to create my book covers. So far these apple devices can’t do what I need. If they can, let me know

  7. Well, we all know that it has better resolution. Why don’t you get the new Galaxy TAB or a Transformer prime and put them under a microscope? Or the announced Transformer prime that will have at least a fullHD resolution (1920×1080)?

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