MBP-Angle-390.jpgEngadget has a story today about how the iPad requires some special hardware for charging – it requires a 10 watt USB adapter. This means that a standard external power source, such as a battery pack, won’t work.

Now, the say, HyperMac has modified it’s external batteries to charge the iPad. Current HyperMac batteries won’t work. The new batteries run from 60Wh ($169) to 222Wh ($469) and will extend the run time to between 34 and 99 hours. There also 100Wh and 150Wh batteries available.

I currently use a 66Wh battery from HyperMac and it is a great product. Built like a tank and 100% reliable. I use it with my MacBook Air when I covering a show or event, and it doubles the run time of the machine. Highly recommended.


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