The Humble Indie Bundles frequently add more titles to their selections midway through the sale period, and the e-book bundle is no exception. Today the bundle added to its existing titles five more books. These are all webcomic collections, available as DRM-free PDFs (regular and high-resolution) only: two from Penny Arcade, two from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, and one from xkcd. They are available to anyone who pays more than the average purchase price (currently a bit over $13), or have been added to anyone who previously paid more than the average (even if the average is higher than what they paid now).

Now, granted, most of the original material in these comics was available for free online anyway, but it’s still nice to have it in collected form, with the little bonuses that comic artists throw into their gathered works. And the price is right.

And, of course, it’s still not beyond the realm of possibility that they might add something more before the promotion finally ends. Regardless, at almost 60,000 bundles sold and over $760,000 raised, I think this bundle is a great success, and I hope to see more humble and not-so-humble e-book bundles like it in the future.

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