FacebookThis is a follow-up to my earlier piece on “How to make Facebook the file transfer solution of your dreams,” because that kicked my own habits into gear and reminded me just how useful Facebook can be as a jotter, link swapper, web clipper, and general all-round universal online scratchpad, across all platforms and devices. After all, programmers and firms are busily pumping out all kinds of apps, solutions, and programs, from the Evernote Web Clipper to Klip.me, from Google Keep to Windows Sticky Notes. If there’s enough mileage in the whole issue to keep them busy, then there’s enough to argue for a single one-stop solution that delivers the same solution as they all do, right?

This works especially well for me while in the office, because I can jot in Facebook from my work machine without installing any added software or apps, and without exposing my more important user accounts to the office network. And ergonomically, it’s a no-brainer. I don’t even need to compose an email, because Facebook is always open, and I don’t have to clog up my email inbox. All I need to do is write a Facebook message to myself. Links, email drafts, reminders, quotations, articles – they all can go in there.

Maybe it’s just an admission of how ubiquitous Facebook is now, and how we are all locked into it. Perhaps. But as a result, Facebook isn’t going to be running out of room any time soon, and isn’t going to be any less functional cross-platform. For such a spontaneous thing as jotting and clipping, why not just go with the flow …


  1. @Paul: Helpful post. I’m a Gmail-note-taker myself. Strictly a matter of individual preferences. One advantage of Gmail is the powerful search feature and the fact that your email is also in there. The trick is to know how to limit the scope of your searches through wise selection of terms. Yes, I use Gmail a lot more than Facebook. Perhaps if I were more of an FBer, I’d look at this differently. Fascinating–how we all have different solutions to common issues! David

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