ipad_Pro_hybrid_rendo_a2“The world’s first fully waterproof case for Apple iPad Pro” will keep your tablet safe in up to two meters of water, according to Catalyst. Ah! Good enough for snorkeling—or maybe reading an e-book while floating on an air mattress.  No need to worry about stray splashes.

Catalyst’s promo also tells of “an impact ready grippy rubber bumper, and a clear front and back case to compliment the minimal iPad design. An integrated touchscreen film provides access to all features including Touch ID and Apple Pencil functions, while extra-large ports accommodate most after-market charging cables and headphone jacks. Catalyst’s unique air and watertight acoustic membranes allow for clear acoustic transmission, into and out of the case, for crystal clear audio from all four speakers.”

I don’t see the pricing information or date of availability. Catalyst will offer updates via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and an email list.

The company also claims to have developed waterproofed cases for the iPad Air ($99.99, available in January), iPhone ($44.99, September) and Apple Watch ($59.99, November).


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