Farmer's_Market_BridgehamptonWho says farmers must be the only ones selling directly?

Here’s a dream. What if someday bookstores and libraries teamed up to offer search-and-discovery tools—to make it easier to sell e-books without relying so much on, say, the Amazon juggernaut?

Suppose you could even push your titles from your own Web site and find a market, whether you self-published or signed up with a publisher? Already many writers are doing that, such as Diane Duane and J. K. Rowling, and refinements in technologies such as OPDS might help make these practices much more common.

Now Jane Friedman, another self-seller, has served up a helpful post: How to Sell Digital Products & Services Directly from Your Website: Advice for Writers and Freelancers. She covers essentials ranging from Web hosting tips to payment methods. This isn’t a comprehensive guide to self-selling but should help get you on your way. Significantly, she mentions SSL certificates. They not only can facilitate direct selling but also can boost your Google ranking slightly.

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