Note that these same instructions will work for a Nook or other ePub reader, not just a Kobo. I’m just using a Kobo for this example.

Before you follow the steps in my post, you’ll need to authorize both your computer with Adobe Digital Editions using the instructions in the above link. Then you are ready to check out Overdrive library books on a Kobo ereader (or other ePub-compatible reader). If you have a Kindle reader, check out this post for instructions for your device.

1. Find the book you want to check out and verify there is an ePub version. Most books will have ePub as an option, unless you’re using a smaller library which hasn’t updated their collection of older PDF books.

Check Out Overdrive Library Book On a Kobo eReader

Apologies for using a different book for the above screenshot than for the rest of the post. Guess who forgot to create a screenshot of the first step?

2. Once you have Borrowed the book, Overdrive will take you to your library where you will select format. Select ePub eBook and Confirm & Download.


3. Once you click “Confirm & Download,” your book will be downloaded and Adobe Digital Editions will open up to your Library.

4. Make sure your ereader is plugged into your computer.

5. If you’ve never authorized this particular ereader, you’ll do it now by selecting the Settings gear icon and tapping “Authorize Device.” It’s grayed out in my computer because I’ve already authorized this Kobo reader.


6. Finally, you’ll transfer the book to your device by right-clicking on the desired book in your library and selecting Copy to Computer/Device–>Your reader (in my case, Kobo Reader)


And that’s it. Your book is loaded and ready to read. Enjoy!


  1. Thank you!! I am always looking for updated guides to using ADE and the dedicated-ereaders-that-aren’t-Kindles. Personally, I prefer reading on my Nook because I like the format options, but dealing with ADE is a big enough pain that I usually default to the Kindle when I request Overdrive books. You’ve given me a reason to reconsider the Nook!

    As one of my public library’s digital library gurus, I recently received an email about Overdrive’s updates:

    • When users borrow a title, they will no longer be taken automatically to the Bookshelf. Instead, users will stay on their current page and see a notification confirming a successful checkout.

    This may be unique to my state’s Overdrive site, but if not it would affect step #2. It doesn’t say in the email whether there is a difference between using the library’s Overdrive website and the mobile app. I confess that I haven’t actually tried it yet… it won’t actually change the process for transferring the title to the e-reader, but it would change the wording for step 2.

    And there are plenty of people taking advantage of the low prices for the non-tablet Nooks; I’ve had two in the last week come in for help with checking out library books for a Simple Touch and a Glowlight. So your graphic comes at a great time – I will point them to this link!

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