Too much of a good thing can be tough to handle.

Dong Nguyen the creator of the viral game Flappy Bird couldn’t handle the quick rise of popularity of his game – even though he was supposedly making a lot of money off ads – so he took it down.

This has caused people to find alternative methods to finding Flappy Bird, one of which may cost people thousands of dollars. Several smartphones and tablets that have the game installed already have sold on eBay for more than $3,000 – all the way up to $10,100.

Are all these auctions legit? Probably not.

I have had a lot of experience with eBay auctions to know that not all auctions get paid, some are shilled and others are just scams. Of course, that doesn’t mean they are all fake. However, the key is be cautious when it comes to looking at the completed listings on the auction site.

Someone should tell these people spending thousands there are other ways to get Flappy Bird and other similar apps for the phones for much cheaper – even free.

There are websites that have archived the app and allow you to install them after the fact such as MediaFire (note: do not download from a source you do not trust); and torrent sites. Hmmm … but this may be piracy, even though the game isn’t legitimately available anymore, so you may want to be cautious about that too.

It just seems a little crazy that a free app could cause this much hysteria. After all, it’s just a game and there are a number of others that will be similar to come along (see: Ironpants).


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