Good e-Reader ran an interesting post earlier today about Oklahoma’s Metropolitan Library System, which took the unprecedented step back in December 2012 of advertising its e-book lending services on broadcast television.

Metropolitan Library System logoAccording to the post, the 60-second spot was developed by the library system’s own IT department. It ran for about two weeks on the area’s Fox and CW affiliate stations, and for roughly a month on local cable channels. And as the library system’s marketing director, Kim Terry, explained, “over 1,700 new customers began using our eMedia site since the commercial started running, which was a 22 percent increase over the previous month.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, the library system was careful in picking the specific TV programs during which its e-book lending commercial would air. “Our target audience,” Terry said, “was in the 18- to 30-year-old demographic,” and so the spot ran exclusively during a series of about a dozen mostly youth-oriented programs, including Family Guy, New Girl and The Vampire Diaries.


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