google logoWhenever anybody talks about Amazon ‘winning’ or something, I always chuckle and think about how many tech ‘winners’ I have seen fall by the wayside. I remember when everybody bought books from Fictionwise! And, more recently for me, I remember when everything I did was via a Google app.

And now? I am moving away from Google, as much as I can. Why?

1) The apps have become slow and clunky. I had everything on Google Docs not too long ago. When it started pausing and thinking for upwards of one or two minutes every time I opened something, I thought it was because my computer was so old. But we have brand new machines, both at work and at home, and it’s still doing it. It’s still doing it on my brand-new iPad Air. So slow! I have been moving much of my stuff over to iCloud and Dropbox. The only important stuff I still keep on Google is my budget spreadsheet—and that’s because I share it with the non-Apple Beloved, so he needs to access it too.

2) Other Cloud-based options are better now. Pages, and its spreadsheet companion, came pre-installed on my new iPad and my new laptop. They seamlessly sync between themselves. When I am actively working on something, I have been finding it dead-easy to do it there. Most of my work stuff, I do AT work, and I keep it on Dropbox. I can easily access it at home (or on the go, via the iPad app) if I need it.

3) Google’s ever-deeper claws alarm me sometimes. Gmail replaced Yahoo as my go-to email service some time ago, but they seem to be doing their darndest to embed themselves ever deeper into my machine. At work, the only Google site I ever log into is the email, and I always log out when I am done because these are shared machines. Several times lately, I have been finding that it isn’t logging me out as completely as I expected it to. A few times, I have opened up gmail to find my name already filled in, and I had to go to some extra steps to remove myself as a ‘user’ so that wouldn’t happen again. Yesterday, I happened to be in the lab when a student was in Google Chrome, and they excitedly called me over to tell me that the computer had my name on it. Sure enough, there was a button with my name on it at the top of the screen. When I clicked on it, it took me to a Gmail log-in screen. My info was not pre-filled out though, so clearly I had not forgotten to log out…so what gives? Why does logging out not actually log me out anymore? Deep claws. Worrisome! A lot of us still use shared computers…

So another must-use becomes a has-been for me. I guess it just goes to show that one should never get complacent and rest on their laurels. Even the mighty Amazon is at risk, if someone better comes along! I never thought I would leave Google, but here I am considering other options.

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