Current 93 LigottiFor all those wondering what all the fuss is about, here’s some free online samples of the inimitable Thomas Ligotti. There are just a couple of his works available as ebooks at the Kindle Store, and a couple more in print. The breakthrough Penguin Classics volume, Songs of a Dead Dreamer and Grimscribe, consisting of his first two story collections, has just appeared. But in case you want a little taster of “the best kept secret in contemporary horror fiction” to brighten up (or darken down) your Halloween, read on.

Thomas Ligotti’s many fans – sad and dark creatures themselves, most like – support a very substantial resource site, Thomas Ligotti Online. That site contains just two online works: “Mrs. Rinaldi’s Angel” and “Nethescurial.” Both are pretty appropriate introductions to his work: the second story (one of his most Lovecraftian) is actually in the Penguin Classics volume. Weird Fiction Review has just shared another story, “The Night School,” also in the Penguin Classics edition. But the addict of things Ligottian (and I really don’t recommend this for the easily disturbed) can find the broadest free sample of his work in audio readings on YouTube.

Kind souls (or malignant ones with dark designs on humanity’s future) have uploaded readings of some of Ligotti’s best work. There’s “Drink to Me Only with Labyrinthine Eyes,” from his first collection, which evokes Ligotti the poet, as does “This Degenerate Little Town” – practically a prose meditation on the grubbiness of the cosmos. There’s a couple of readings of one of his best stories, “The Bungalow House.” There’s a number of recordings by the very weird British experimental music group Current 93: of Ligotti’s work set to music (here) and music inspired by Ligotti (here). There’s even a short horror film, “The Frolic,” based on Ligotti’s story of the same name from his first collection, from a screenplay co-written by Ligotti and Brandon Trenz.

There’s your taster of “the excrement of space.” In the circumstances, it would be thoughtless to say: enjoy.


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