Remember the rumor I mentioned about the upcoming iPod Touch having front and rear cameras? John Gruber has given it a boost with an offhanded comment about the Dell Streak. He refers to the $550 ($300 with 2-year AT&T contract) Streak costing “almost twice as much as a good iPod Touch, and if you wait a few weeks to buy the Touch, you’ll get one with a Retina Display and dual cameras.”

Gruber has a reputation for getting inside scoops from Apple, so when he drops that kind of comment people tend to pay attention. Of course, there’s no guarantee he’s speaking from inside sources—he could simply have seen that photo of the iPod Touch’s faceplate and come to the same conclusion as everybody else—but if Gruber even just believes it’s plausible, that’s almost as good.

Of course, there were widespread rumors that the iPod Touch was getting a camera last year, and we all know that didn’t happen. But with Facetime providing a new camera “killer app”, there’s a lot less reason to leave them out this time around.

(Found via Engadget.)


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