If you’re looking for a great deal on Scrivener, Techdirt’s store has it on sale for three days at $20 for Windows, $22.50 for Mac. This covers the latest versions available for both OSes: 1.9 for Windows, 2.7 for Mac. If you haven’t shelled out yet, this might be a good time to get in on it.

As I’ve mentioned before, Scrivener is an amazing tool, and has been really helpful to me in writing stuff and creating e-books out of it. (Even if the e-books it creates aren’t entirely in compliance with current EPUB standards.) 50% off is a great price—though it’s worth noting that sooner or later a new major update will come out that will have to be purchased again (albeit at a discount for current version owners).

If you’re not sure whether you’d use it, you can download a 30-day free trial and play around with it first—but don’t miss the Techdirt sale, which is only on for three more days.


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