The pictures speak for themselves.

Kindle 1


Kindle 2


Kindle 3



  1. Thanks for posting these photos. The improvement is impressive and, alas, it also points out the woes for early adopters. Next year’s digital gear almost always offers more for less. I’ve got an entire wall in my apartment that’s bookshelves filled to overflowing. It amazes me that all that will someday fit on a gadget that’ll slip into a coat pocket.

    If Amazon would only quit seeing the Kindle as an Amazon book-selling tool and make it as easy for a Kindle to auto-synch documents from all sources as it is with my iPod touch, they’d probably find me a happy customer. Digital paper is becoming almost as easy to use and read as printed paper. It needs to become as easy to create and transfer the documents.

    I, for one, am hoping that the addition of Epub export to Apple’s Pages means that OS X will soon be making Epub export from most applications as easy as PDF export now is.

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