Google PlayHow do you stay connected with friends and loved ones in distant places? We all know how convenient our mobile devices are when it comes to that, though sometimes it’s hard to know which avenue is best. Google Play announced on Thursday that every top communication app is available for free download.

Google PlayWhat’s crazy is that we’re talking almost 500 apps to chose from—twenty pages worth! Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Voice, Skype … and the list goes on. The selection also includes various different types of Web browsers, Wi-Fi boosters, SMS text apps, e-mail and talk services, group chat and contact organizers, among so much more.

If you’ve seen a communication app around the Google Play store that you’ve always wanted to try, now is your chance. Because really, what’s better than ‘free?’

See the entire list, along with this week’s new music releases, weekly specials on racing games and deals on baseball books (right in time for the season) in the Google Play Store.


  1. It’s the sheer number of those “almost 500 apps” that’s part of the problem. Many of these schemes don’t talk with one another. It’s a bit like the late 1980s, when various dial-up services offered email, but email that could only reach those who’d signed up for their service.

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