google plusGoogle has been doing everything they can to get users to sign up for Google Plus. They require customers who want to leave a review in Google Play to join, they make it difficult to leave YouTube comments, and every time I have set up an Android device Google has pestered me to sign up for their social network.

So far none of these tricks have worked on me, but Google’s next program just might. College Humor has posted a new video for Google Blackmail.

You may think that no one knows all of your dirty secrets, but Google does. And if you don’t Google to tell your deepest darkest fear to your other deepest darkest fear then you’ll do the smart thing and join Google Plus.

Editor’s Note: Fair warning for those of you at work. Some content in the video is barely work safe. And if you’re watching while eating at your desk, TeleRead is not responsible for any damage done to computers, keyboards or tablets due to spit takes.


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